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Whether that’s a concern for the environment, a focus on healthier eating, or a food intolerance driving the need for more inclusive food on menus, caterers have to meet more dietary requirements than ever before.

This kind of sustainability-savvy diner is known as a conscious consumer.

And research suggests that they are not only interested in where this food comes from, but are also willing to pay more for sustainable options.

A UK hospitality survey found that 83% of respondents expect hospitality brands to take part in sustainable practices. And 80% said that sustainability was a deciding factor when choosing where to go for food.

By a using a delicious dairy-free butter alternative like Whirl across your entire menu, you’ll only need one product in your kitchen to cover many different bases.

Whirl 1

Diners are looking for dairy-free options

One way diners are embracing sustainability is by choosing more vegan and vegetarian and dairy-free menu items when they dine out.

Research from Ipsos in 2022 found that 46% of Brits aged 16-75 are considering reducing their intake of animal products in the future, while 58% of adults now use at least one plant-based meat alternative in their diet.

Whether diners are full-time vegans or vegetarians, or use a flexible ‘flexitarian’ approach, incorporating vegan-friendly meals, and making dairy-free alternative swaps in your offering, can help make your menus more inclusive.

Whirl 2

There are also many customers who are looking for dairy-free options when eating out sue to allergies or intolerances. By using a butter alternative across your menu, you’re also helping make your menu more appealing to these diners, too.

Lastly, many are looking for healthier yet tasty options when they eat out. By choosing Whirl, you’re using a product with 82% less saturated fat than butter, so it’s a great choice for health-conscious consumers too.

Whirl butter alternatives: a delicious solution for inclusive menus

With Whirl, your customers won’t even be able to tell that they’re missing out on dairy products – it has the rich, buttery taste of traditional dairy, but is made to a plant-based recipe.

Our Original and Unsalted varieties are registered with the Vegan Society, and can be used anywhere you would normally use butter in your kitchen.

Original Whirl can be used in to savoury sauces, breakfasts, and vegetable dishes, as well as to sauté fish or grill meat for flexitarian diners.

Unsalted Whirl is great for sweet treats like cakes and desserts, as well as for providing low-sodium options for health-conscious customers.

Our Garlic and Herb variety is also plant-based and can be used to make everything from delicious vegan garlic bread, garlic mushrooms or mashed potatoes in minutes.

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