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We can help you with:

Entering new markets: offering a local understanding of market drivers and consumer needs.

Labelling products: providing key information and specifications to meet requirements for specific markets.

Claims: guiding product claims and providing necessary documentation.

This is how are Making Better HappenTM - this is Co-Development. We are AAK - the Co-Development company.

For more information on how we can be your co-development partner and deliver better, value-adding solutions, get in touch.

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1. Understand Better

Our purpose is Making Better HappenTM.

To make things better for you, we must first understand what better means for your business.

That’s why our Co-Development process always begins with a discussion about what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to improve the taste of your products for example or make them healthier? Is your aim to source more sustainably or bring the last food trends to your menus?

Better solutions start with better understanding, and through detailed discussions about your business, products and value chain, we will create a solid foundation for our collaboration. Once we have fully understood the challenges, we will be able to work with you to co-develop better solutions.

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2. Ideate

Collaborative ideation sessions.

As the market evolves, innovation cycles need to be quicker, and higher levels of investment and expertise are needed to create the best possible products at the fastest pace. Our understanding of new product development and manufacture, consumer trends and the wider marketplace, puts us in a great position to help. Together, we can build better solutions.

Our understanding and expertise across a wide range of NPD disciplines includes creating recipes, inspiring menus, reviewing categories, responding to new trends, meeting dietary requirements, and achieving sustainability targets. This puts us in a great position to be able to optimise your products and strengthen your business. We believe that the best ideas are created through Co-Development, and we provide a fully confidential service.

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3. Create

From menus to product ranges with adding value solutions.

To create better solutions, you need the right combination of factors. You need to collaborate with people who are dedicated to your market segment and truly understand your business. You also need a flexible structure that can be customised to meet your exact project needs and your way of working.

At AAK, we combine flexibility, collaboration and expertise to create the perfect solution for you.
Sharing insights, developing recipes, trying new formats, testing processes and assessing results, our colleagues will work as a single unit with one purpose - to find the optimum idea for your business.

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4. Prove

Prove your product or menu solution and ensure the right quality.

Before going into product or menu trials, or a full market launch, we know how crucial it is to fully test the ingredient or product. At AAK, we take a scientific and hands-on approach to testing, that ensures the highest quality. We will help to make sure that your ingredient or product meets all its specifications—from ideation to launch. We can also provide all necessary documentation to help you meet local legislation.

Food safety and quality assurance is at the top of the agenda.

There can be no compromise when it comes to protecting the safety and the quality of your product. Our quality and food safety approach covers the entire value chain—from raw material to finished product. We achieve high standards in all our sites, and meet the strict requirements of today’s leading brand owners and global marketers.

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5. Implement

Going from the development kitchen to outlet trials.

Here at AAK, we take full responsibility for every solution we help create. Not only do we deliver unique, customised solutions—we follow our work closely every step of the way. We support you throughout the process to resolve key issues, whether that's testing a new sauce or dip as a live trial in a handful of your restaurants, or trialling a new high performance frying oil in your own test kitchens or outlets.

Together with us, you can reduce time to market and shorten the path to market success.

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6. Launch

    Your global partner with local knowledge.

    We will work closely with you to ensure a successful launch within your business. We will share results, discuss feedback and provide support. Our global presence gives us a unique perspective that can assist you in any menu or product launch, particularly when expanding into new markets. With sales offices, customisation facilities, and production plants all over the world, we offer a global perspective, together with a local understanding of market and consumer needs.

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