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Oasis offers a full line of quality and vertically integrated fats, oils and vinegars.

Oasis oils and shortenings are recognized in the market for their high performance in a variety of applications and in finished food products.


The Range

Oasis BBA 1 GAL
Butter Alternative

With a rich buttery taste and creamy texture, Butter Alternatives are the perfect replacement for melted butter in recipes and can be used for grilling, broiling, sautéing and dipping. Brush on baked goods, finish steaks and vegetables, or mix with hot sauce for chicken wings to enhance flavor without added costs.

Our range includes:
Liquid Butter Alternative: 3 x 1 gal
Better Butter Alternative: 3 x 1 gal
Oasis Pan Grill group
Pan & Grill

Pan & Grill is a salt-free vegetable oil blend that imparts a rich buttery taste, prevents sticking and scorching, and enhances flavor without added costs. It is a go-to solution for griddle top cooking and sautéing, as well as any high temperature cooking, grilling or broiling.

Our range includes:
Pan & Grill: 6 x 1 gal, 35 lb JIB
Vegetable Oils

A wide range of vegetable oils for premium performance in a variety of applications. Oasis high quality oils enhance the taste of fresh, cooked and baked foods.

Our range includes:
Corn Oil: 6 x 1 gal, 35 lb JIB
Canola Oil: 6 x 1 gal, 35 lb JIB, 2000 lb tote
Soybean Oil: 6 x 1 gal, 35 lb JIB, 2000 lb tote
Peanut Delight: 35 lb JIB
Oasis golden fry 426 305
Cooking and Frying Oils

Oasis high-quality Cooking and Frying Oils are recognized for their performance in a variety of applications, while improving food quality and reducing operational costs.

Our range includes:
Golden Fry Clear Liquid Shortening: 35 lb JIB
Soybean Cooking & Frying Oil: 35 lb JIB
Canola Fry: 35 lb JIB
Creamy Liquid Shortening: 35 lb JIB
Clear Liquid Shortening: 35 lb JIB
Oasis blendedshort shipper
Solid Shortenings

Oasis multi-purpose solid shortenings ensure excellent results for your frying and baking needs, with their superior creaming ability and a smooth texture for pies, cookies, breads and donuts.

Our range includes:
Beef Tallow 50 lb
Blended Shortening 50 lb
Deodorized Lard 50 lb
All-purpose Shortening 50 lb
Donut Fry Shortening 50 lb
Vegetable Fry Shortening 50 lb
00732146522343 C1 RB

Vinegars bring flavors to life, help replace salt and can be used in a variety of applications including salad dressings, sauces, marinades and for general cooking purposes.

Our range includes:
5% Apple Cider Flavored Vinegar
5% Red Vinegar
5% Red Wine Vinegar
4% White Vinegar
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