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There's nothing more tempting than the wonderful aroma of home cooking and freshly-baked goods. There's great profit to be made too!

If your business cooks from scratch, our great tasting, high performance margarines, spreads and buttery blends can provide a healthier, less expensive alternative to butter.

Solid margarines

Great for cooking, spreading or baking, our solid margarines are both smooth and creamy. They can be used instead of butter and are available in a range of different formats, with unsalted, whipped and no-preservative options.

Liquid margarine

Our rich, buttery flavored liquid margarine is pourable at room temperature, which makes it easy to use and store. It has a higher smoke point than butter, which helps to prevent sticking and scorching. Cholesterol-free, liquid margarine offers a healthier alternative for a wide range of dishes.

Buttery blends

Creamy, soft and spreadable, our buttery blends can be used in any application you would normally use butter, to achieve the same great taste, appearance and performance at a fraction of the cost.

Flavored spreads

Our garlic-flavored spread is a fantastic, easy-to-use option for a wide range of dishes - from bread, pasta, meat and vegetables to sauces and dips. It's versatile and delivers great, authentic flavor.

Our margarines, spreads and buttery blends are available in a wide range of convenient pack formats. However, if you are looking for larger volumes, or a co-developed, custom solution - please reach out.

Click here for more information on our Alpine Valley range of branded solutions, and for vegan butters there’s also For:A and Green Oasis.

For more information on how we can be your Co-Development partner for butter blends, margarine and spread solutions, get in touch.

Margarines Buttery Blends Spreads
Bakers Margarine Buttery Blend 2% Garlic Spread
Milk-Based Margarine Buttery Blend 20%
No Preservative Margarine Buttery Blend 60/40
Margarine Buttery Blend 90/10
Unsalted Margarine
Whipped Margarine
Liquid Margarine

Private label solutions

For more information on how we can be your Co-Development partner for butter blends, margarine and spread solutions, get in touch on the form below.

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