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Flexitarians, reducatarian, part-time vegans and climate conscious diners: all kinds of people are reducing their intake of animal products. Make sure your kitchen is equipped with Lion and Whirl: clever, multi-use, plant-based products that can cater for everyone!

Increasingly conscious diners

Diners today care more about the impact of what they are eating than ever before. More educated about where their food comes from, many diners are empowered to make food choices that align with their beliefs – whether that means living a vegan lifestyle, to thinking about the environmental impact of the food they are eating.

One easy way for diners to reduce their environmental impact is through their diets. By choosing just a few plant-based meals a week, diners can reduce their climate footprints – and might also enjoy other benefits, like feeling healthier or adding more variation to their diets.

This is backed up by evidence from several studies – that show us that not only are people eating less animal products, but that the amount of plant-based products being sold across all categories is increasing!

BR41369 AAK FS Perfect Partners V2 Vegan Focus Design Panel for Landing page FACTS 2
BR41369 AAK FS Perfect Partners V2 Vegan Focus Design Panel for Landing page FACTS 2

Full-time vegan or part-time vegan?

The percentage of full-time, committed vegans in the UK stands at around 2%, but when surveyed, many diners tell you they are reducing their intake of animal products.

Research from Ipsos in 2022 found that 46% of Brits aged 16-75 are considering reducing their intake of animal products in the future, while 58% of adults now use at least one plant-based meat alternative in their diet.

This is where having great, plant-based products that perform so well that your diners won’t even tell they are missing real dairy or animal products comes in!

With our Whirl plant-based liquid butter alternatives, you can provide all the great taste and richness of butter, but with none of the animal products.

Our Original and Unsalted varieties are registered with the vegan society, and can be used anywhere you would normally use butter in your kitchen – from sweet treats like desserts, to savoury sauces, breakfasts, and vegetable dishes.

Our Garlic and Herb variety is also plant-based and can be used to make everything from delicious vegan garlic bread, garlic mushrooms or mashed potatoes in minutes.

Elsewhere, a wide variety of our Lion range of sauces are also suitable for vegans. From our range of vegan mayos, to our naturally vegan BBQ, hot sauces, and dressings.

Providing great convenience, using both Lion and Whirl across your menus will save you time, help you cater to all diners, and provide healthier options to diners, with Whirl containing up to 82% less saturated fat than dairy butter.

BR41369 AAK FS Perfect Partners V2 Vegan Focus Design Panel for Landing page FACTS 2

Global inspiration

By using world flavours to make your plant-based dishes really sing, diners with dietary requirements will never feel like they are missing out.

Our range of Lion Sauces is inspired by the most on-trend flavours from across the globe, and many of our plant-based sauces are no exception. Tie these in with our delicious range of Whirl butter alternatives, and you have everything you need to create delicious plant-based dishes just as good as their non-vegan counterparts!

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