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Christmas Pub Meal Prep

There’s much more to Christmas dining than turkey and sprouts, and given how many Christmas dinners your diners may be eating over the festive period, it’s good to provide some different options!

Though Christmas cooking is synonymous with roasting, it’s actually a great time for frying! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Christmas menu, look no further…

Festive burgers: Turkey and cranberry are a well-known combination, that actually go great together in a burger! With Prep, you can create the perfect breaded turkey burgers – golden and crisp on the outside, tender and juicy in the middle. Pair with brie and bacon for a delightfully indulgent festive dish. Don’t forget your vegan and veggie diners though, who will enjoy a mushroom or soya-based version.

Starters: Prawn cocktails and pâté are traditional favourites, but Christmas is a great time for indulgence and offering something new to diners. Breaded and battered cheese and fish always go down well in a crowd – from breaded brie with cranberry, to tempura prawns with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, but there are other options too. Crispy whitebait made with a beer batter is a great option – perfect with a tartare dip or smoky mayo.

Party foods for 2023: Party foods inspired by world flavours are the way to go this festive period. From middle eastern falafel to Mediterranean delights like arancini or Jamaican-inspired jerk patties, this year it’s all about bringing some sunshine to cold, dark evenings. With Prep high performance oils, you’ll get more frying done for your money than with other frying oils!

Want some more inspiration? Here are some fried foods people indulge in around the world at Christmas time:

  • Japan: Japanese people celebrate Christmas with a bucket of chicken from a famous brand!
  • Brazil: Rabanada is a popular Christmas dessert that’s made of bread soaked in milk and wine, before being dipped in egg and deep fried.
  • Columbia: Elsewhere in South America, Buñuelo doughnuts are big news – flavoured with anise and shaped into stars – and are a sign of good luck.
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