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Knowing how to care for your oil, and when the best time to change your oil is, is key not just to serving delicious fried food, but also to make sure you’re looking after your bottom line.

Over the last year, we’ve gathered oil use data from many operators – who have shared this data with us by using the Prep Record & Report App.

Our Record & Report app is designed to help operators who have more than five outlets – record details of their oil usage and management across their business, to promote food quality, share best practice and optimise oil spend.

The results of this exercise have been surprising and eye opening. We’ve discovered that up to 75% of all operators are changing their oil at the wrong time!

While 50% of all operators are discarding their oil too early – literally draining money away – around 25% of operators are discarding their oil too late, meaning their frying food in less-than optimal oil, which can affect food flavour and quality.

This means only a quarter of all operators are hitting that oil change sweet spot!

We also found that 53% of kitchens were discarding their oil simply because it was time to change it as part of their usual routine – without testing or checking whether there was more life in their oil – or whether it had been overused.

So how can you make sure you you’re getting the most out of your oil – without discarding it too early or late? We’re here to help!

Here are our top tips to help your oil last as long as possible… and when to discard!

  • Don’t just throw out your oil on a specific day – make sure you’ve got enough out of it before discarding
  • Regular testing will show you when your oil is getting close to the end of its useful life
  • Order a Prep testing kit to know for sure how your oil is performing
  • Testing can be as simple as using our Prep Sticks and comparing them with the Prep colour chart.

Make sure you visit the Prep oil management shop to stock up on oil change supplies, and find everything else you need in our handy oil management guide.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like to find out anything else – or have any questions on how the Report & Record App can support your oil management process.

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