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It's essential therefore to produce perfect chips, and your frying oil can make all the difference. It's the vital link between your equipment and your food, and what turns raw ingredients into delicious dishes, satisfied customers, rave reviews and return business.

In addition to cooking at the correct temperature and not overfilling the frying basket, the single most important thing you can do to ensure great fried food is to fry in oil which is within its quality window.

Frying in oil that's past its best will produce dark brown rather than golden food, with an unpleasant, rancid smell and taste. It could be unsafe, too, if the build-up of burnt food particles in the oil has created acrylamide - which has the potential to cause cancer.

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The good news is that the fry life quality window for Prep long life frying oils is up to three times longer than standard, extended life frying oil. *

*Typical values verified against laboratory OSI tests at 120℃ to bring oil to discard point. Source AAK International.

Extended vs long life oils

Extended v long life oils

The long life cooking oil clearly has a longer quality life window between oil changes. This means that the oil will last longer and does not need to be changed as often.

A longer life oil will also ensure great-tasting and good-looking food, as well as improving cost in use and reducing time and waste in the kitchen.

Look after your oil

Though Prep high performance frying oils last up to three times longer than standard frying oil*, you still need to look after the oil carefully to ensure fantastic food quality and safety. Look at our Expert Insights to find out how to produce great tasting food for longer, whilst getting the most out of your frying oil.

So Prep is great for food, but did you know it's good for business and kind to the environment too?

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